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巧克力碎片餅乾 (Chocolate Chip Cookie)

巧克力碎片餅乾可以說是美國人最愛吃的, 也是一生中吃最多的一種甜點吧!他們對於這種從小吃到老的點心, 情有獨鍾, 執著的程度可以由時常成為報導主題的雜誌和亞馬遜 (Amazon) 書店裡超過40本以上巧克力碎片餅乾的專門食譜得到證明.

以前當我在 Tuller Premium Food 上班時, 幾乎是每兩天就要做大約 200 個超大的巧克力碎片餅乾, 以下是每次我做巧克力碎片餅乾要注意的幾件事:

  1. 為了要讓每一個餅乾的大小都一樣, 請用冰淇淋杓來平均分配麵糰, 並放入冷凍庫成型

  2. 用高溫並以短時間烘培

  3. 烘培的時間要注意, 只要烤到餅乾成型, 外表呈金黃色但中間還是稍軟的狀態就可以. 等餅乾放涼了, 餘溫也剛剛好將其烘培完畢

  4. 盡量使用你可以找到最新鮮的奶油和巧克力, 這也是巧克力碎片餅乾美不美味的關鍵

這些注意事項可以讓你輕鬆作出美麗又有專業水準的餅乾, 或許巧克力碎片餅乾也將會是你的最愛.

Chocolate chip cookie is like magic to most of American. They grew up eating thousands of them. A snack for afternoon, quick dessert after meals, or even with a glass of cold milk for bed time. And still, people are always on the lookout for the THE best chocolate chip cookie.

Someone prefer it big, fat and chewy, while someone prefer it thin and crispy, the combinations are endless. Just take a look at the number of different chocolate chip cookie cookbooks in your favorite bookstore.

The tips I learn when I was working at Tuller Premium Food for making a big, fat and famous chocolate chip cookies are:

  1. Using ice cream scoop to make the cookie uniformly and then freeze it

  2. Bake it for a short time and also in very high temperature

  3. When the cookies come out from the oven, the center is still raw and running.
  4. While the cookies are cooling down from outside, the center is still absorbing the heat, so it will become soft and tender when it is finally done.

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