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好吃又容易做的名廚食譜 (Jean-Georges: Cooking at Home with a Four-Star Chef)

這本食譜擺在書架上沾灰塵已經很久, 實在有一點想不起來當初是因為其中哪一個食譜而衝動買下來, 也許是因為裡面有一個在 1998 年和 1999 年最紅的甜點吧, 我們叫它巧克力火山蛋糕, 也就是那種熱熱的, 中間還是液體狀的巧克力蛋糕. 這可是世界聞名的大廚 Jean Georges Vongerichten 的招牌甜點, 當時紐約的每一家的甜點菜單都有這一道, 甚至連數一數二的日本餐館 NOBU 都有這道甜點, 可見受歡迎的程度有多誇張.

我對於這種名廚的食譜書一直都存有疑問, 不知我們這種家廚, 在家照著食譜一步一步做, 會不會成功? 還是這些衝動之下買的美美食譜只可以擺在茶几上純欣賞? 在 2004 年的聖誕節, 我就選了幾個這本書裡的食譜來試試, 結果大大的令我滿意!

Cookbook: Jean-Georges: Cooking at Home with a Four-Star Chef by Jean-Georges Vongerichten & Mark Bittman.

This cookbook has been on my bookshelf for quite a long time, I did not remember when I got this book and why? Maybe it just because of Jean-Georges’s most hit dessert in 1998 and 1999, warm chocolate cake. I always have a question about those big names’s chef’s cookbook: will we home cooks be able to produce the same dishes at home with recipe instruction? Are those beautiful photographed cookbooks are coffee table books? It’s only for show, and not practical at all? I test a few recipes from this book, and the results are all great!! The instruction was written clearly and easy to follow, and the results look like the photo which shown in the book. What a relief due to my overflow bookshelf, this cookbook is a keeper!

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