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多吃地瓜派 (Sweet Potato Pie)

地瓜派在美式甜點中, 是屬於南方口味的派點, 也是每年感恩節餐桌上必定要有的一道料理. 在台灣, 我們可以嚐到的地瓜口味變化可就很多, 蒸的、蜜的、烤的、炸的, 包在麵包蛋糕裏的, 真是多到令人眼花撩亂. 其中, 可以說是以烤地瓜為最常見, 其實烤地瓜不一定要吃熱騰騰的, 下次把它放進冰箱裏冷藏, 試試看吃冰冰涼涼的烤地瓜, 口感香Q, 也很道地!

近幾年來, 大家都在討論吃地瓜的好處, 可以減肥, 更可以養生, 每天一頓的地瓜餐可是許多名人的養生秘方. 既然要多多吃地瓜, 不如換換口味, 多吃點不同的地瓜派吧!

Recipe from: Baking Illustrated by the Editors of Cook’s Illustrated Magazine.

Sweet potato pie is a southern dessert, and a traditional dish at Thanksgivings table. From where I am from, people are not usually seeing sweet potato as a pie filling. We deep fry it as French fry, steam it, cook it in sugar syrup, or roast it in a small coal pit. The smell of fresh roasted sweet potato is really attempting, you will want to eat them while they are still piping hot. Next time, you should try to put the roasted potato in the refrigerator and eat them cold, you will find out that the flesh become a little chewy and sticky, very yummy.

Sweet potato is a health food, it is high in fiber, low in sodium and cholesterol, also fat free and a good source of Vitamin B6, A and C. If you are going to eat more dessert, have the health one!

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