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公園裡的溜冰場 (The Pond at Bryant Park)

We were in the city in an unexpected cold evening. When we were walking on the way to take train, we suddenly found out that The Pond at Bryant Park was opened to public in late Oct.
Fêtes de Noël The Holiday Shops
will be open at Thanksgiving weekend as well.
People there are all excited about this new place, the ice at the rink is crisp and the skate you can rent is totally brand new, the facility for the locker room is clean and warm, and best of all, not a lot of people know about this place yet, so there is no lines to get in! If you know how to skate, better go check it out before everyone in the city knows!

It's very romantic and beautiful, and very New York to me, especially at night, with all the dim light from those tall buildings around the park.

Winter is definitely here in New York, wear your scarf and gloves, go skating with your love one!! You will have a lot of fun.



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