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蜜萊姆慕思蛋糕 (Sweet Lime Curd Mousse Cake)

Sweet Lime 是在逛 Eli's Vinegar Factory 時發現的, 長的和檸檬很像, 當時是被它那黃黃圓圓的飽滿果子所深深吸引, 走近一些, 一股混合橘子和萊姆的香氣撲鼻而來, 令人印象深刻, 至今我還記得那股令人著迷的清香呢!

這個慕思蛋糕的食譜是選自於 Bon Appetit 雜誌, 雜誌中使用的是檸檬, 但是我嘗試用 sweet lime 代替, 有一種酸中帶甜的滋味;慕思是混合 lime curd (萊姆醬), 泡軟的吉利丁片, 蛋白糖霜和鮮奶油細心混合, 口感清淡綿密且細緻.

Sweet lime look like lemon, but they are so sweet, taste like sweet orange with lime aroma.

Mousse is made with lime curd, gelatin, egg white and whipped cream. Super smooth!

Recipe from "Bon Appetit Magazine, March 2005".

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Broccoflower 綠花椰菜? 白花椰菜? 兩種混合新品種?

Broccoflower 是一種新的花椰菜品種, 大小形狀是類似白花椰菜, 一顆大大圓圓重重的, 聞起來有白花椰菜的味道, 顏色則是像綠花椰菜, 只是淡一些.

在 Union Square Greenmarket 第一看到這種沒見過的蔬菜, 真是令人興奮! 回到家趕緊試試到底和我們平常吃到的花椰菜有何不同? 其實若是生吃, 味道比較像白花椰菜, 但是煮熟吃起來, 卻比較像綠花椰菜.

Broccoflower 是在荷蘭試驗發明, 隨後在1989年引進美國市場, 也許不久的將來也會在台灣的市場上看到它.

Broccoflower is the result of broccoli and cauliflower, and it did look like the combination of both. When eat it raw, it tastes more cauliflower flavor, but when it was cooked, you taste it more like broccoli. Originally, it is from Holland, and first marketed in the United States in 1989. It’s a winter vegetable, go look for it in your local greenmarket and try it!! Taste quite delicate!



紐約高島屋的地下茶室 (The Tea Box Café at Takashimaya)

高島屋在日本和台灣都是常見的百貨公司, 位於第五大道和五十四街的這家, 是美國唯一的一家海外分店.

百貨公司共有七層, 每一層的面積都不大, 是小巧精緻的經營型態. 位於地下室的 The Tea Box Café 是邀請好朋友吃午餐和享受下午茶的好地方. Café 旁的精品舖, 專賣茶葉、茶壺還有一些和茶有關的商品, 在等待座位時, 不仿逛逛瞧瞧.

Takashima department store at 5th Ave & 54th Street is the place to go when people need to find a special gift. The collection they carry is very different from other department stores in the city, although the display is just as chic and trendy as any other high-end store, the mix of oriental atmosphere is what make set it apart.

The Tea Box Café is located at the basement of the store. There are two sections, one part is the boutique, which sales loose teas, tea accessories, books, and small gifts from Japan. The other side is the café. Hidden and mysterious, with curtain and warm light at the ceiling, no wonder the café is always fully booked at any time.

If you happen to be in New York, and like to invite a friend who admires Asian culture, here is the perfect place to go for a light lunch or the afternoon tea.

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焦糖鳳梨布丁 (Caramelized Pineapple Flan)

Flan 就是我們常說的布丁, 這道甜點的特色是將微苦的焦糖加上酸酸甜甜的新鮮鳳梨做為布丁的基底, 和平常我們在市面上看到的布丁食譜不太一樣.

一口香軟滑嫩的布丁裏, 有著淡淡的奶香, 但不會太濃郁;經過焦糖炒過的鳳梨, 帶有一點微苦, 但因此讓我們更嘗的到鳳梨的自然香甜.

在製作布丁時, 有一些事要稍微注意:

  1. 鳳梨要盡量切成一樣大小的小塊

  2. 煮焦糖時不要加水煮, 這種做法叫 "dry caramel";因為不加水, 所以焦糖的微苦特色更能凸顯

  3. 先讓焦糖鳳梨醬在容器中放涼變硬呈固體狀, 或放入冰箱冷藏一會兒, 再倒入布丁的蛋汁. 這樣焦糖和布丁才不會混在一起

Recipe from "Ripe for Dessert" by David Lebovitz.

This dessert is a truly nice one to make for summer. Pineapple, caramel and flan in one dessert? What a combination!

The special things need to watch out when making this dessert:

  1. Dice the pineapple small and uniformly.

  2. Making dry caramel (meaning only using sugar, not sugar and water to make caramel), so it contents less moisture, and more intense flavor.

  3. Before pouring the custard mixture into ramekins, allow caramel to be hardened. (you could put it into frig for half hour, if the weather is really hot).

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