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草莓奶酪 Strawberry panna cotta

A. 盤飾部分
草莓醬 (食譜請看這裡
草莓 洗淨,去蒂,切成小塊
Amaretti 杏仁餅乾

B. 草莓奶酪
450 克 草莓 洗淨,去蒂,切成小塊
1 ¾ 杯 酪乳 ( buttermilk)
6 大匙 細砂糖
2 ½ 小匙吉利丁粉 ( 或是 2 ½ 吉利丁片)
1/4 杯 全脂牛奶
1/4杯 鮮奶油

4. 將步驟3加入步驟1。攪拌均勻。倒入塑膠模子或是 ramekin 或是小杯子。放入冰箱冷藏,至少3小時。

如何脫模?不管是塑膠或是玻璃或是瓷器,只要準備一碗熱水(但至少要 86 F,因為吉利丁的融點是 86 F ),迅速將模具泡在熱水裡,然後用手指輕輕壓一壓靠近模具邊緣的地方,以形成空隙。然後倒扣在盤子上。

5. 可以依你自己喜歡的方式 擺盤 。以下是我試的幾種,你喜歡哪一種呢?


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Anonymous TK said...

wow... can I have one too?

6/13/2009 02:43:00 PM  
Anonymous tk said...

BTW, what is 吉利丁粉? and when we say 鮮奶油, it means weep cream or ...?

6/13/2009 02:49:00 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...

hey, TK, good to see you here.
吉利丁粉 is gelatine powder, usually we can see it in a little box in the baking section in the supermarket. Most of the place carry a brand called Knox. In this recipe, you will need less than two little packs(envelopes) in one box.

whipping cream and heavy cream are the same,and I guess in Chinese, they all called 鮮奶油。

Thanks for the questions!! So i know what should I explain more when I am writing. Thanks!!!

6/13/2009 04:33:00 PM  

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