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麗克塔起司抹醬 (Ricotta Cheese Spread)

怎樣才可以做出低脂又美味的起司抹醬呢? 吃起來要有像奶油抹醬般的滑順口感, 也要同時兼顧健康的因素, 要清淡些, 其實訣竅就在於用麗克塔起司代替少許的奶油起司. 做法如下:

  1. 再要製作抹醬的前一天, 先將麗克塔起司用紗布或廚房紙巾和濾網盛著, 放入冰箱隔夜, 讓多餘的水分流出.

  2. 在容器中加入一比二的麗克塔起司和奶油起司(最好是室溫)均勻混合. 加入自己喜歡的配料. 在照片中, 我是使用切碎的九層塔、巴西利和細香蔥. 不要忘了要加入適量的鹽和黑胡椒調味.

  3. 口味上的變化可以有很多, 鹹的甜的, 隨你自己喜歡.

What can we do to make those cheese spread lighter and creamier, also low in fat? The answer is using some ricotta cheese instead of usual all cream cheese. The cream cheese spread we see at the supermarket is delicious, but with high calories and fat. If you want to make this low-fat spread, here is how:

  1. Drain the ricotta cheese the night before you are making the spread, with two layers of cheesecloth or paper towel on a strainer, and keep it in the frig to let it drain.

  2. Mix 2 part of drained ricotta cheese and 1 part of room temperature cream cheese in a bowl, and add the flavors you prefer. For example, some minced basil, parsley, and chives at the picture here. Don’t forget to add salt and pepper to taste.

  3. The flavor of this spread could be endless, use your imagination to create something just for your family and yourself!

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